Port tetris from NetBSD (JPiec)

Published: Mon 05 April 2021

Date: 2021-04-05 16:00 Category: Blog

Another usable app has been ported from NetBSD. We are pleased to announce that Tetris (PR #1024) runs seamlessly under Mimiker!

Demo of tetris

This is a significant achievement in the development of our OS. To make Tetris run, the entire terminal and job control subsystems had to be implemented. Moreover, Tetris directly uses a port of low-level console manipulating library terminfo, on which we reported some posts before. Tetris gently switches to raw console, enables play and, when the game is over, restores canonical mode. It also properly responds to signals, e.g. pressing Ctrl+Z during play sends SIGSTP and the process stops; the play properly resumes after issuing fg command in the console. We may also force process termination by pressing Ctrl+C (SIGINTR).