weekly progress report

Published: Mon 08 March 2021

Good news everyone. Mimiker weekly progress reports are back!

pmap improvements in progress PJ

Do we really need to keep kernel page table for all pages in the virtual address space? No. In order to conserve precious RAM, we should boot up with very small page table and be able to grow it up upon request. This is the purpose of void pmap_growkernel(vm_offset_t addr) implemented by #764. The code should run on both our target platforms: MIPS (Malta) and AArch64 (RPi3, work in progress).

Further work on porting KASAN to Mimiker on AArch64.

See also this link(in Polish)

Simplify locking rules around pgrp_t::pg_lock JPiec

Improved handling of mutexes guarding structures of type pgrp_t (i.e. structures that maintain process groups) #1030.

Add interface to inverval timers (work in progress) JPiec

Implementation of two syscalls setitimer(), with which we can send SIGALRM to the calling process at regular intervals and getitimer(), used to get the current timer state. This involed some fixess to callout semantics as well as adding the SIGALARM signal #1023#1026.

A fix to sys_exit syscall JPiec #1029

Some housekeeping WP, see #1033#1031#1032#1008

Cleaning interface for Kgmon profiler WP

The Kgmon kernel profiler interface has been trimmed down to suit Mimiker needs #979.